Universal Animal Rage Review – Best Pre Workout Supplement

This is one of the few and unusual pre workout formula’s that comes in a pill and powder version. I have tried several of Universal Nutrition’s products, and they seem to be pretty consistent. All their products are over the top and taking the flavor “Slaugtermelon” in their powdered 44 serving of Animal Rage makes me feel weird. Anyhow, I am going to deliver what I think is a fair and decent Animal Rage review, which I took intermittently with other random pre workouts.
A quick overview: This is a 315g jar that serves up 44 scoops. They recommend 1 scoop per serving, so that gives you 44 servings per jar.


Taste and Mixing  (My Rating: 5/10)

They just can’t seem to get the flavor to be decent. It happens with all the Universal products. Is it because they have strange flavor names? The other two they have are “Apple Jacked” and “Orange Juiced”. I guess that means apple and orange flavor. Anyways, the Slaughtermelon sucked and I started off taking it with 8 oz of water, then switched to half that amount, which is actually what they recommend; 4 oz of water with ½ scoop to start. I was hoping to not have to taste it, taking it like a shot.
Though I give it a 5 in this Animal Rage review, I don’t think taste should hold so much weight in the overall score. It is easy enough to shake up and blend; no problems with mixing! If you try the pill form, obviously neither of these should make a difference. So I take my shot, and head directly over to the gym, it is about 15 minutes away, and I am starting my first set at 20 minutes after I take it. This is just when I realize it is kicking in… (My Rating: 9/10)
So even with a putrid aftertaste, I notice I am starting to feel super charged. It is definitely very potent! The effect became strongest at like 45 minutes in. I was doing a set of weights and I hated making my rests, so I actually ended up switching up my workouts and doing supersets which I hadn’t planned. I was so focused and so energized that I was happy to do all kinds of extra stuff.
I noticed the stuff really peaked very fast and quickly. Now my training usually lasts 90 minutes, but this stuff made me rush, and I ended up finishing early. However, I did notice that all that excitement suddenly slipped away and I was feeling completely normal as I left. I was worried about crashing, so I had my post workout shake ready, as always to give me some good carbs and proteins right away.

I had a bunch of other good feelings, and I can explain it by looking at the label. While I felt really energized, I noticed that Animal Rage actually did not give me the feeling of “rage”. I wasn’t feeling angry or aggressive, you can try here linked here just really excited to get the reps out, and take heavier loads. You can compare the overall feeling of this to Jack3d Micro (the newest formula), and SuperPump Max, or even 1M.R. (which, in my opinion, that was slightly better than this). Some of the things to watch out for: it does contain a lot of caffeine as most pre workouts do, so if you’ve got any heart problems or conditions, read the label.Profile  (My Rating: 7/10)
They have 3 major complexes in here, all designed to get you farther. They have a lot of the basic ingredients for a preworkout. This is what you can expect in Universal Nutritions Animal Rage:

  • Beta alanine: this explains why I was feeling tingles in my hands and scalp
  • Citruline, l-taurine, glucuronolactone – to try to help you last longer, with more energy
  • Tyrosine, N-acetyle tyrosine and choline to increase neural transmitting speed and really wake your brain up

A few natural roots and seeds believed to provide healthy energy (though a lot of this stuff isn’t checked or certified by the FDA for what it claims to do)

Caffeine, coffee bean extract, green tea extract, evodiamine, and vinpocetine for immediate energy, and which work as vasodilators, and increase heart rate.
They have also added a bunch of minerals like magnesium, visit homepage calcium chelate, potassium chelate, and B12, all of which play a role in the physiological level of muscle contraction and action potential for the muscles. I think these are in there to help make the reactions quicker, and to keep you feeling the high energy for longer.


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